Get Involved


Executive Members – We try to stay current and can always use fresh ideas in order to achieve this.  Any Coleman Legion Member can join the executive committee by attending our annual elections, held the third Tuesday of November, 6:00.  If you missed the elections and still want to help, consider a sub-committee.

Sub-Committee Members – If attendance to regular meetings is not your thing, you can still help.  Several sub-committee members are required. These sub-committees include:

  • House Committee–in charge of staffing, member complaints, and daily operations.
  • Building Committee-in charge of building maintenance, special building projects, and lawn care.
  • Poppy Committee-in charge of organizing poppy sales and assisting in organizing branch Remembrance Day activities.
  • Membership Committee-in charge of new membership encouragement and membership awards.
  • Pull Tickets-in charge of selling pull tickets at special events and screening of financial requests from other community groups. This is an important source of money used to make financial donations towards other community groups.
  • Meat Draws-volunteers are needed for 3 hours on a Saturday of your choice to sell meat draw tickets and perform draws to completion (4:00-6:00 p.m.). This is an important fundraiser for our club. A Meat Draw Coordinator is required to organize weekly volunteers.
  • Sports-in charge of events such as crib, pool and darts.  Weekly crib and pool run themselves, but when our branch is awarded Branch, Legion Area or District events, it is this sub-committees responsibility to organize and implement them. The sky is the limit here and we are only limited to your imagination, so if you have a new event that you think is worth trying, we welcome all new ideas!

Cateringvolunteers are urgently required to help with occasional kitchen tasks such as luncheons and banquets.  If you enjoy spending a bit of time in the kitchen, and have some occasional free time to give to our branch, we would really love to get this sub-committee active again.  Please contact our Secretary if you think you can help.

Special Events-in charge of planning and implementing special occasion events.  Got a new idea?  We are open to as many ideas for special events as this committee would like to organize. Remember; we are a community facility just waiting for a community event to host!

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