Mar 14

Saturday Afternoon Coleman Legion Live

Lani Folkard St. Patrick’s Day 4:00-7:00

Mar 01

Legion Members – Enter to Win

VIA Rail Trip Contest.  Must be a Legion member to win.    

Feb 27

Two reasons to get happy at the Coleman Legion this Saturday!

Notice the new start time of 4:00 for the Bushtown Boys.  Coincidentally, HAPPY HOUR starts at 4:00!!  Come join us for fun and music this Saturday! Meat Draw also starts at 4:00!

Feb 22

Crib Tournament

All skill levels and ages welcome!  Try something new on a Saturday afternoon and end it with live music from the Bushtown Boys!  2 good reasons to spend an afternoon at the Coleman Legion!

Jan 17

Next Jam Session

Saturday, January 27, 3:00-6:00

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